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The way students interact with higher education institutions has fundamentally changed. Therefore, delivering personalized experiences to students has become increasingly important. Through the Full Measure Education platform, institutions create a higher level of engagement by gathering, understanding, and utilizing data related to student behavior and interests, at the same time increasing the impact of every institutional staff member. 


As a prospect, you can digitally explore the institution and easily stay informed about deadlines, events, and next steps. As a student, you will receive personalized nudges to guide you through the student lifecycle and help you reach your educational goals.

Admission Representatives

Connect and engage with prospects through automated and self-initiated communications that show off your institution’s unique story. Manage two-way conversations of your inquiry pool and prioritize applicants based on their profile and behavior to exceed your recruitment KPIs.


Deliver a digital-first experience of your institution’s brand to students. We collaborate with you to transform your viewbook, course catalogue, and other materials into a mobile masterpiece that shows off your brand and unique student experience.  

VPs / Directors

Ensure that your institution meets its enrollment and retention targets. We equip your staff with mobile solutions, communication strategies, and data insights so they can easily and effectively communicate with your student body.

Personalized Mobile Communications

Skip the email inbox. Achieve higher open rates and faster response times by communicating with students through text and push notifications one at a time, one thousand at a time, or any number in between.

Data-Driven Communication Strategies

Impact student behavior by choosing and implementing the best strategy from our communications library. We tailor communication plans to your desired outcomes – from recruitment and enrollment, to retention strategies covering financial literacy, student life, and academic advising.

Your Viewbook, Made for Mobile

Master the art of digital storytelling by designing a mobile viewbook and adding relevant calls to action. When prospective students log in and explore your mobile viewbook, you will gather and track meaningful information about each student so you know exactly what matters to them.

Streamline Your Workflow

Make efficiency part of your daily routine. Convert traditional paper processes into digital formats for easy document management and faster completion of customized forms.

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Fast Return on Investment

Be ready to start communicating within weeks of signing up. Complete a simple checklist and select the first set of communications to send. The faster we help get you off the ground with your first campaign, the faster you’ll see the value of working with us.

Work with Student Engagement Experts

We’ve sent SMS, push notifications, and delivered mobile content to students for the last 4 years and we’re excited to share our expertise on how to communicate with today’s students. Whether it’s increasing admission yields or amplifying retention efforts, increase your impact by leaning on our experts to augment your existing communication plan.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

From the moment you sign up with us, you’ll receive immediate and focused attention. Your account manager and communications support team will discuss your desired outcomes, help develop a plan to reach your goals, and act as a resource throughout the entire implementation process.

Unlock Your Student Data

We have built integrations with 15 different SISs and CRMs, as well as other third-party systems, like Facebook, to understand and leverage your data in new engagement channels. Rest assured, your data security and privacy are our highest priorities.

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