Have enrollment problems at your community college? You’re not alone.


According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, overall enrollments in higher education decreased 1.7 percent in fall 2015 from the previous fall. But while enrollments increased .4 percent among four-year public institutions, two-year public institutions were hit the hardest with a 2.4 percent decrease. At Full Measure Education, we’re on a mission to reverse that trend for public institutions. We believe in the power of education and want to help community colleges use technology and communication strategies to increase enrollment. Virtually every industry, from manufacturing to banking, has been transformed through technology and we want higher education institutions to ride the digital wave. For years, we’ve successfully helped a number of higher education institutions increase their enrollment numbers using mobile communications texting software and we’d like to share some of the various strategies to increase enrollment.

Mobile Communications Texting Software

Texting in higher education has reached a tipping point. Most institutions have thought about or are already using texting, not only for 1 to 1 communication but also for campus visit information, general RFI, balance payment reminders, and much more. But with so many communications needing to be sent, texting students one on one from a 7” wide mobile phone is tedious and a time-consuming.

To solve that problem, we suggest in investing in an SMS/texting platform to increase your productivity. With a texting platform, recruiters can manage and respond to all their students’ questions straight from their desktop. Texting from a desktop is important because typing on a computer keyboard is significantly faster than typing on a smart keyboard, 2.72 times faster in words typed per minute. –InformationWeek

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Push notifications

Have you ever received messages on your phone, sent by a mobile app to notify, remind, or ask you to do something? Those short and quick messages are called push notifications. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, marketing plans include push notifications because they are a highly effective channel for driving user engagement. –Kissmetrics Think about how your favorite mobile apps effectively use push notifications to engage you. Now, think about how you can use the same mobile channel to engage your prospects.

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Social Media

Those who know social know that social media really isn’t about social media at all. Social is about people following people. In the world of higher education, social is about prospects following institutions. Here are a few of social media strategies to increase enrollment.

  • Focus on building a genuine connection with your prospects by showing off your institution’s uniqueness.
  • Create engaging and creative content that makes your prospects coming back for more.
  • Have fun!

Mobile Viewbook

When you read newspapers, do you read from a physical copy or on your mobile device? We all know that print isn’t dead but chances are, you’re probably reading on news on your phone. So shouldn’t you allow your prospects to learn about your institution in a number of different ways? Give your prospects a digital-first experience when they research your institutional offerings by optimizing your viewbook for mobile.

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